Things fall apart



“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears” – Nelson Mandela

A week has gone by since the referendum that shook the United Kingdom. I’ve got to say, I’m still reeling.

The initial shock has given way to pure disbelief and countless questions.
Yet I have been told not to “panic”. I have been told “we were fine before we joined the EU”. I have been told not to “overreact”. Continue reading


Happiness is a warm husky


Atle – Siberian husky, curling up for a well-earned snooze after a hard day’s work

Never having owned a dog, I’m not particularly au fait with the ins and outs of our obsession with “man’s best friend”. Continue reading


Slow and steady

“Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies” – Mother TeresaOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

As I slide down the slippery slope towards the latter half of my 30s I often find myself contemplating the possibility of self-improvement, wondering whether I’m really making the most of the opportunities that come my way and how I could do better. I’ve said this before, I know. It led to my list of 50 things to do in life, which I’m quietly working through. But most of the things on the list are pretty big and can’t be achieved quickly or easily. That was, after all, the whole point.

But what about every day improvements? Continue reading


Out with the old, in with the new

For last year’s words belong to last year’s language
And next year’s words await another voice.
And to make an end is to make a beginning.” T.S. Eliot

Where I come from we don’t call 31 December “New Year’s Eve”. We call it “Old Year’s Night”, which I actually prefer. It encourages you to look back and reflect, just for one last moment, before leaping headlong into the new year. Continue reading