I’m a freelance editor and translator, originally from Norwich in the UK, and now living in Denmark (via nearly nine years living on the French/Swiss border). While I write for a living, my blog provides me with a more creative outlet.

I’m constantly busy, with multiple projects on the go, and I have a particular fascination for traveling, running, skiing, reading, writing, making jewellery and taking photos (not necessarily in that order!). My travels influence my writing, photography and jewellery: I’ve wandered the streets of Bangkok, Hanoi, Istanbul, Moscow and Samarkand with my camera, taken silversmithing courses in Bali, Switzerland and Thailand, and am now starting to write about my wanderings too.

I love to dance – I studied ballet from the age of three and don’t even remember my first dancing lesson. These days, I can be found choreographing productions for amateur theatre societies: the Copenhagen Theatre Circle currently keep me on my toes.

I took up running when I moved to Copenhagen three years ago- everyone here seems to be running mad! I’ve completed two half marathons, three 15 km races, and numerous 10 kms. I’ve also been struck down with injury, and recently lost my running mojo. But if you’ve read my post “when I grow up I want to – part 2”, you’ll have seen that there’s a running-related challenge on the horizon. I’ve signed up for a marathon. What was I thinking?! There will doubtless be a few witterings on the blog about that in due course.

All this activity aside, I love a quiet evening at home, knitting, reading and cooking. Most of all I enjoy sharing my kitchen antics with friends – there’s nothing better than putting food on the table and sitting down with a bottle of wine to eat, drink and have a good old gossip!

I hope you enjoy my blog. Happy reading, and do like, share, or leave me a comment if you read something that strikes a chord 🙂

Sarah xxx


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