When I grow up I want to….

I have to admit that I was quite distressed by the idea of turning 30. I hadn’t “achieved” any of the things a lady of the ripe old age of 30 was “supposed” to have achieved. Not married. No children. Not bought a house. In a slightly precarious job. Oh dear… Continue reading


Lost in translation – a giant leap onto the blogging bandwagon

A translator and editor by trade, I could say I use words to earn my living. But they’re not my words. As the years have passed, I’ve become increasingly interested in the thought of writing something else. Don’t get me wrong – there are some very interesting elements to being a translator and editor. I learn about a whole plethora of subjects, ranging from climate change to human rights. One day I’m tackling malaria, the next I’m navigating inland waterways. But there’s also something slightly stifling: I’m only ever expressing someone else’s opinions. Interesting as those opinions may – or in some cases may not –  be, let’s just say that my creative juices never really flow during a day in the office. I’ve found other outlets – more about those later – but writing has not been one of them. So I’ve decided it’s time to to start searching for those words, my words, which for so long have been lost in translation…